The “SOLID METAL” company was founded in Tunisia in 1997 as “AFRIC METAL,” and a second branch was founded in France in 2008 as “EUROP METAL,” until the names were unified and became “SOLID METAL.”

To meet all of our customers’ needs and expectations, the company relies on its experiences in the African, European, and Gulf markets, as well as highly qualified engineers, technicians, and workers.

All of these competencies utilize the most up-to-date technologies and programmes, as well as the best machines available on the global market, such as the IPG fiber laser machine, CNC bending machine, Hydraulic CNC Press Brake machine, CNC shearing machine, high-efficiency scissors, refrigerator inspection devices, and so on.

Solid Metal Company specializes in the production of all stainless steel products, both ready-made and custom-made. The most important products are kitchen equipment and appliances, sinks, basic stainless steel products (tables, cabinets, cupboards, trolleys, shelves… Etc.), sterilizers, Floor drain with grating, special requests…etc.

Restaurants and cafes, hotels, hospitals, hyper and supermarkets, pastry, sweets, and ice cream shops, party and event organizer companies, catering companies, central kitchens, and Dirty Kitchen clients benefit from our products and services…………